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Triacontanol(TRIA) 90%TC

Triacontanol (TRIA)


CAS NO.: 593-50-0

Toxity: No toxity or harm was found to human, live stock, or beneficial organisms.



1.       Promote rooting; sprouting, flowering, leaf growth and precocious role, with the increased chlorophyll content, enhanced photosynthesis and other physiological functions.

2.       Apply before the crops growth, can effectively improve the germination percentage, improve quality of seedlings, and increase effective stool growing.

3.       Apply in the later stage of crops growth, can effectively increase numbers of buds, fruit setting rate and thousand seed weight.

4.       No toxity, pollution-free, low cost, highly effective with broad spectrum. Also it is a green pesticide. Can effectively increase the utilization of fertilizers. Triacontanol will get a better effect when formulated with material containing nutrient substance such as N, P, K, B, Zn


Application Scope:

Applicable for many crops such as rice, corn, sorghum, cotton, bean, tobacco, sugar beet, sugarcane, peanut, vegetables, fruit trees, flowers. It is also applicable for kelp cultivation.


Field Experimental Results on Different Crops:

1.  Rice  

 Improve germination rate, increase germinative force, and increase production by 5%~10%.

2.  Bean, Corn, Wheat, Grain

Improve germination rate, increase germinative force, and increase production by 5%~10%.

3.       Leaf vegetables, Potatoes, Nursery stock, Pasturage, Sugarcanes Etc.

Increase production by more than 10%.

4.       Fruit trees, Solanaceous Vegetables, Cereal crop, Soybean, Cotton.

Spay once in flowering phase and full bloom stage can effectively improve the production.

5.       Apply on Cutting seedlings, can effectively promote rooting.

6.       Apply on kelps, can effectively increase the production by more than 20%, and increase the length, width, thickness of kelp leaves, increase inner matter content by 7%, also it is obvious for content increasing of algin and mannitol.



For detailed dosage on different crops, please contact with our team, will give you prompt reply



1.        Triacontanol possesses very strong physiological activity, apply at a very low concentration, shall be more careful when make the solution.

2.        Need a second time spray if met with rain in 4-6 hours after spray.

3.        Please choose best source of material, since the effective ingredient and quality of commercial formulation have large influence on drug effect.

4.        Application environment shall control at a PH 8


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